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  1. Chivalry in 1943
  2. 'NAZI LOOTED ART' New Handbook Helps Descendents Reclaim Nazi Loot
  3. SEARCHING FOR NAZI-LOOTED ART 'There's No Point in Trying to Duck'
  4. DISPLACED PAINTINGS Re-Collecting George Grosz's Art
  5. HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS Germany Agrees to Raise Compensation for Nazi Victims
  6. KISS OF DEATH Officials Erase Historic Berlin Wall Mural
  7. Berlin airport a graveyard of WW2 bombs
  8. NY Times Article -Collecting War Trophies back in 1919
  9. Court rules people at Hiroshima aid sites eligible for A-bomb sufferers IDs
  10. Elderly man officially recognized as double hibakusha
  11. U.S. Marine veteran hunts for owners of Japanese personal effects from WW2
  12. After 69-Year Delay, WWII Veteran Gets High School Diploma
  13. Hitler, assassination plot, personal documents
  14. Son of WW2 Nazi wants him declared dead
  15. WWII monastery bombing a bitter lesson
  16. Estonian accused of post-WWII genocide dies
  17. UK Enlisted Astrologer to Fight Hitler
  18. Underwater footage of sunk U-boat
  19. Zoo finds WW2 'elephant angel'
  20. WWII 'Land Girls' reunite 60 years on after farmer tracks them down from graffiti the
  21. Famous WW2 Battlefields Today
  22. Honecker's nuclear bunker opens
  23. Nepal puts Hitler's Mercedes gift on show
  24. Rare French Tank Being Taken to U.S.
  25. Ex-Nazi Charged 29,000 Times Asks U.S. to Block His Deportation to Germany
  26. Wreck of 1st US ship sunk in WWII seen
  27. Oldest U.S. Army vet is WWII WAC
  28. Philippines Campaign, Phase 1, the Leyte Campaign
  29. Hitler's Nazi bunkers discovered – both real and virtual
  30. German Films Delve into Difficult History
  31. On the lookout: WWII tower reopens
  32. The U-505 Submarine
  33. Hitler's Lost Sub U-869
  34. Rescuer of Anne Frank's diary marks 100th birthday
  35. Nazi Gold Photo Gallery
  36. Magazine Faces Legal Action over Third Reich Reprints
  37. Polish WW2 Expellees Revisit Former Homes in Ukraine
  38. Hitler in Color
  39. Original 'Schindler's List' found in Sydney
  40. Paris liberation made 'whites only'
  41. Hitler’s V-2 Rocket Factory Gets Lift From German Stimulus Plan
  42. Sixty-year secret
  43. British WW2 soldiers fighting the Japanese in the Burmese jungle
  44. Is rare clock Adolf Hitler's timepiece?
  45. Son watches dad crash WW2 plane
  46. Women Airforce Service Pilots : Borger pilot flew missions in WWII
  47. Great color 10th Mountain Division photos
  48. Survivor shares memories of World War II Holocaust
  49. ‘Lost’ WWII Cammell Laird bunkers found by workmen
  50. It's Springtime for Hitler in Berlin
  51. An End to Restitution of Nazi Looted Art?
  52. The Auschwitz volunteer who uncovered Holocaust secrets
  53. Bombing raid memorial vandalised
  54. Medal of Honor winner Russell Dunham dies at 89
  55. German mine washed up on beach is detonated
  56. My Dad...
  57. Exhibit of Luftwaffe photos shows Warsaw's demise
  58. Dutch Nazi collaborator stole millions
  59. WW2 Heroes In the Sky
  60. WWII winners also filled mass graves
  61. New book lays bare French collaboration with the Nazis
  62. Italian Jews aid World War II saviors hit by quake
  63. Alabama road crews discovered World War II era weapons
  64. Ukrainian Secret Service Holds Hearings On WWII Insurgent Army
  65. George Clare
  66. Grand Prix car of Hitler's favourite driver to sell for £5.5m
  67. Germany Has Sights on Several Alleged Nazi War Criminals
  68. On this day in ww2 April 15 1942: Malta gets George Cross for bravery
  69. On this day in ww2 April 15 1945: British troops liberate Bergen-Belsen
  70. When Goering was a pin-up
  71. East Germany, Up Close and Personal - Great Photos!
  72. Dunkirk rescue boat gets revamp
  73. Dog brings home hand grenade from World War II
  74. Mussolini's hometown finally bans fascist souvenirs
  75. World War II veteran survives for two days trapped in ravine
  76. How Hitler's 50th birthday party sparked World War II
  77. A Female Oskar Schindler of the Warsaw Ghetto
  78. Evaluation Of WW2 German Military Medical Service
  79. Tattoos from Auschwitz horror bring late-life joy
  80. Tarawa has become a different sort of battlefield
  81. On this day in ww2 April 21 1945: Red Army enters outskirts of Berlin
  82. Spitfire sells for record £1.7m
  83. “Swastika” To Show In Germany After 36 Year Ban
  84. Last Surviving D-Day 'Bedford Boy' Dies At 94
  85. Turn Left at Gestapo Headquarters
  86. Navy To Recover WWII Plane From Lake Michigan
  87. Bomber pilot's peaceful legacy
  88. Norway to Destroy WW2 Guns
  89. Hitler paintings sold at British auction house
  90. How a Nazi experiment brought extinct aurochs to Devon
  91. New photo: Nazis dig up mass grave of U.S. soldiers
  92. War hero dog's medal is auctioned
  93. WWII bomb found near Merkel’s apartment
  94. Sorrow, Pity, Celebration: France Under the Nazis
  95. I was Hitler's secretary
  96. Wanganui School helps solve WW2 mystery
  97. On this day in ww2 April 27 1945: Russians and Americans link at Elbe
  98. Prisoners' Message Found in Auschwitz
  99. On this day in history April 28 1945: Italian partisans kill Mussolini
  100. Operation Tiger nightmare remembered
  101. GI Receives Soldier's Medal for Actions
  102. Atomic Bomb history: Enola Gay's WWII hangar falling apart
  103. On this day in history April 30 1945: Adolf Hitler commits suicide
  104. On this day April 30 1975: Saigon surrenders
  105. World War II veteran said he was no hero. He was.
  106. On this day in ww2 May 1 1945: Germany announces Hitler is dead
  107. Hero Gurkha fights for granddaughter carer to be allowed to stay
  108. Lost wartime footage of Fraser found
  109. Museum receives artifact donation from Mexican air force
  110. France 1940
  111. U2 Spy Plane
  112. FDR tried to save Jewish refugees during WW2
  113. Men who flew 'the Hump’ during World War II prove resilient
  114. The Story of Sobibor
  115. North Carolina's own Carbine Williams
  116. French town honors WW2 U.S. pilot Perra
  117. WWII fighter pilot hero recalls dogfights over China
  118. Book Review: "Through Hell for Hitler"
  119. The Bolt Cutters Who Wrote History
  120. D-Day soldier shares recollections of World War II
  121. How the wartime railways put Britain on track to beat Hitler
  122. 60 years after Second World War, Okinawa still rife with bombs
  123. Fact File : May 5, 1942 Madagascar Captured
  124. Salamo Arouch, Jewish boxer survived Auschwitz by participating in win-or-die bouts
  125. WW1 German Unit Histories
  126. Colonel Roy Moss
  127. Painful Memories Of An East German Gulag 'I Thought I Was in a Nazi Movie'
  128. Dog's name in Dambusters remake causes headache for filmmakers
  129. Honoring WWII women pilots
  130. New exhibition shows the Louvre Museum during WWII
  131. Football was an escape route from the war
  132. Miniature World War II fills attic, imaginations
  133. On this day in ww2 May 7 1945: Germany signs unconditional surrender
  134. On this day in ww2 May 8 1945: Rejoicing at end of war in Europe
  135. Climbers saved by 60-year-old plane crash
  136. How the Camera Became a Weapon
  137. The secret report that shows how the Nazis planned a Fourth Reich ...in the EU
  138. 'All clear for the guns' - railway posters from WWII
  139. On this day in ww2 May 10 1940: Churchill takes helm as Germans advance
  140. Candy Bombers Remembered
  141. Weller’s War: A Legendary Correspondent’s Saga of WWII on Five Continents
  142. Hitler 'Assassin' Fined 900 Euros
  143. Unites States 'helped win Battle of Britain through American super-fuel'
  144. House OKs money for WWII mariners
  145. A Trail Blocked by History
  146. Mid-Valley man's 100 years of memories include looting Hitler's house
  147. Nazi college to become museum
  148. Goebbels swastika tapestry sparks row
  149. Stalin's British Heroes: RAF aces who fought for the Soviet Union
  150. The Village and the Nazi Labor Camp
  151. On this day in ww2 May 16 1943: Germans crush Jewish uprising
  152. Photos from Normandy, June 2008:
  153. Battle of the Bulge still chills surviving members of veterans group - Vid & Story
  154. On this day in ww2 May 17 1943: RAF raid smashes German dams
  155. Barnes Wallis - designer of the 'Bouncing Bomb'
  156. Hitler's 1000 'best' men
  157. How to get info on Vets
  158. On this day in ww2 May 18 1944: Monte Cassino falls to the Allies
  159. Now showing: USS Slater
  160. Tours explore Hong Kong's remnants of war
  161. Crimean Tatars mark Russian deportation anniversary
  162. Mussolini's mistress, love-child seen in Cannes
  163. Italian News Reels for DAVE
  164. Berlin 1945
  165. The remnants of Berghof
  166. The life of a German PoW in Britain
  167. Gurkhas win right to settle in UK
  168. German prince fights for return of Nazi-seized land
  169. The German year
  170. St. Petersburg / Leningrad, images from the past - Awesome Pictures
  171. The real Inglourious Basterds: Britain's secret Jewish commandos
  172. 10 things you might not know about World War II
  173. Remains of five Nazi soldiers killed on D-Day are discovered in France
  174. Pointe-du-Hoc - US To Spend Millions Restoring Legendary D-Day Landmark
  175. Soldiers gather at Monte Cassino to remember 'forgotten battle'
  176. D-Day bomb raids were 'close to a war crime' says author
  177. Two airmen who shared a B-24 and a POW stint in WWII are reunited
  178. Brisk trade in WWII planes thwarts efforts to recover missing fliers
  179. D-Day: Heroic battle in Port-en-Bessin
  180. Navy 40mm Shell Plant Charlotte, NC
  181. War Dog Memorial on Guam
  182. Fact File : Dunkirk 26 May to 4 June 1940
  183. Monte Cassino veteran Alfred can eat and talk properly again as shrapnel drops out
  184. Veteran returns Japanese letter from Iwo Jima
  185. WWII-era ship becomes sunken reef off Key West
  186. Daniel Rubin: Shot down, survivor ever dutiful to crew
  187. French D-Day surrender: Sarkozy makes U-turn and says Queen IS welcome at 65th ann...
  188. The Story of Hitler's 'Miracle Weapon'
  189. Lang Vei Seige site
  190. World War II fighter pilot is reunited with the Spitfire he was shot down in
  191. Nuremberg prosecutor who looked into Nazi soul
  192. utting the Fence and Changing History
  193. What East Germany Was Really Like - Great Photos!
  194. Brown Jr. John: 1 of last original Navajo Code Talkers Walks on
  195. The Old Vet and His Tank
  196. SPANNING THE YEARS: D-Day Hero Richard Todd back at Pegasus Bridge
  197. Lone Enola Gay survivor remembers Hiroshima
  198. Operation Downfall: The Planned Assault on Japan
  199. Gestapo-Looted Pissarro Seized in Swiss Safe Goes on Auction
  200. Survival Story / South Ogden man hid from Nazis during WWII
  201. WWII vet returns to Normandy for anniversary of D-Day
  202. Who Ordered the Construction of the Berlin Wall?
  203. D-Day veteran tells of hell on the beaches
  204. Australia's last World War One soldier dies, aged 110
  205. On this day in ww2 June 4 1940: Dunkirk rescue is over - Churchill defiant
  206. BNP man: I sell German militaria, but I'm not a Nazi
  207. Japan envoy apologizes to aging Bataan victims
  208. WW2 Soviet Soldiers in Color
  209. Russian Underground Submarine Base
  210. Abanoned Military Signal Office Centre
  211. Stalin’s Lost Railway
  212. 100 photo's...
  213. Secret weapon designed for D-Day roars back to life for anniversary
  214. Paras recreate Normandy jump as veterans remember sorrow of D-Day
  215. Never-before-seen color photos of Adolf Hitler taken by photographer Hugo Jaeger
  216. On this day in ww2 June 5 1944: Celebrations as Rome is liberated
  217. New angle of "Tank man" at Tiananmen Square
  218. D-Day Veteran Recounts 'Longest Day' 65 Years Later
  219. Last of its kind, Nazi E-boat S130 gets $8 million restoration
  220. Where D-Day took its test drive
  221. On this day in ww2 June 6 1944: D-Day marks start of Europe invasion
  222. D-Day veteran tells stories of wine, women as well as war
  223. D-Day Vet Who 'Misrepresented Service' to Be Honored by French
  224. Japanese Balloon Attacks on the USA
  225. Inside Churchill's Emergency War Bunker
  226. Dog fetches live WWII grenade
  227. French D-Day beaches get GPS tour guide
  228. Double agent blocked 2 German tank divisions and 19 infantry divisions from D-Day bat
  229. WW2 Soviet sub wreck found near Åland islands
  230. 'I sank the Bismarck but only found out 59 years later': British pilot learns of his
  231. British soldier had sniper's bullet pulled from his back by comrade after being shot
  232. Dozens of decapitated bodies found in mass Roman war grave
  233. The unseen photographs that throw new light on the First World War
  234. Roll of honour for Irish WWII dead
  235. Normandy American Cemetery
  236. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.
  237. Barrel Codes for Mr Farb
  238. Rare Nazi badge with striking resemblance to England squad logo discovered
  239. Ste Marie du Mont
  240. MIA Korean War Veteran's Body Returned After 50 Years
  241. On this day in ww2 June 14 1940: German troops enter Paris
  242. Unknown thieves stole a half-track from its home in Heilbronn Germany
  243. The Desert Rats and the friend who was once a foe reunited after 68 years
  244. WW2 Archeology at the castle of rolley in Bastogne Belgium
  245. Auschwitz survivor donates jewelry he discovered while sorting victims' clothes
  246. D-Day soldier searches for records of secret airfield he helped build
  247. British Zulu war soldier identified after 130 years - by his tunic button
  248. Everything you need to know about WW1
  249. Nazi Gold Train bound for Gibraltar
  250. Has historian finally discovered real reason for Hitler's obsessive hatred of Jews?