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6th October 2013, 12:07 PM
Courtesy; AD Royster Militaria LLC, >>>>> Here we have an illustration of a fantasy medal, the Guerrilla Warfare Badge in Gold with Diamonds.

http://adroystermilitaria.com/images/0de9b1b5a13f760f9c93698f3789274f.jpg http://adroystermilitaria.com/images/72e5256892606420cd56b7ed2158e06a.jpg

This decoration was invented by Kurt Gerhard Klietmann and referemce to it can be found in his book “Deutsche Auszeichnungen” self-published in 1971. The specific reference, without any citation, appears on pages 226 and 227 in which Klietmann says that at the end of 1944, the Berlin firm of C.E. Juncker made up 20 copies in gilded silver and set with diamonds.

Official records of the Police and SS (who were responsible for the founding and distribution of this badge) make no reference to such a badge but Kleitmann was well-known to invent such stories so that he and his cronies, especially S. Gregory Yasnitski, founder of OMSA, could sell them to the sucker brigade.

Kleitmann also intimated that the same firm of Junckers made a number of Grand Crosses but the records indicated that this firm only made two.

And Junckers was bombed out in mid-1944 so it is doubtful if they made any diamond-studded badges in late 1944.

Kleitmann bought out the firm of Godet in Berlin and acquired thereby all their dies. This resulted in a flood of Imperial German and Russian high orders pouring onto the market, along with at least a hundred silver Oakleaves and Oakleaves and Swords bearing the L/50 markings.

Yasnitski sold at least two dozen of these to OMSA members as well as fifteen Pour le Merites, three Russian Orders of St. Anne and two chained orders of St. Andrerw the First Called.

Eventually, Kleitmann came to the attention of German authorities and he was duly arrested and his Godet dies siezed by the Berlin police. He was considered too old to jail so he was released but was forbidden to ever deal in any kind of medal again.

25th October 2013, 01:22 PM
Should have let him loose in a room full of the buyers of his fake junk. Any medals I come across, I pay what would be considered a price for a good fake. Anymore, who can tell, .It's a shame what's happened to 3rd Reich collecting, BB