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17th April 2014, 08:55 PM

Hello Folks,

I have for sale a byf43 (Mauser) P.38 pistol, serial number 3901m (October-November 1943). It is all matching (frame, slide, barrel, and locking block - numbered to this pistol). The magazine is marked P.38v (left side) and WaA135 on the top of the spline.

The right side of the slide is marked with a WaA135, Eagle/swastika firing proof, and WaA135. The left side of the frame (forward of the trigger) is marked 3901m WaA135.
I would rate the finish at 97% + (I tend to grade conservatively so that there are no disappointments). The grips are solid with no problems. The bore is clean with no pitting, dark spots or ‘frosting’. There is no corrosion under the grip panels.

The only ‘issue’ is on the back strap, where the web of your hand would contact the frame. I don’t know if this was a manufacturing defect (tool galling) or a matter of storage where this pistol contacted the supports holding it. It is not an import mark. Please refer to the pictures.

The holster is solid with strong stitching and easily readable information (gxy43 WaA706 Gebr. Klinge, Lederwarenfabrik Dresden). This holster shows honest wear and came with the pistol.

There is a five day non-firing inspection period beginning the day this pistol is delivered. I have not shot this pistol (as I don’t shoot my collectible firearms but the man I purchased this pistol from has). I did give it the ‘pencil test’ and the pencil took off when the hammer dropped.

Price for this rig is $1,075.00 which includes shipping via Priority Mail and insurance from my C&R to your C&R or FFL. I will require a signed C&R or FFL prior to shipment- include with payment. Payment by USPS money order is preferred or can be made using a cashier’s check.

Please contact me should you have any questions. I have included my email address below.

I have not yet sold anything on this forum but I am a regular on the P38forum.com, lugerforum.com, and Jan Still's Luger forum http://luger.gunboards.com/activity.php.

Thanks for your time.



As I am a new poster, I've tried to add photos in order.