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Mike Peters
29th July 2010, 11:58 PM
Gents …I wanted to put in a well deserved plug for a new Book that just came out –
German Medal Makers & Their Marks.
Mark Woods did a fantastic job on it and covered not only the History of various manufactures , but also an in depth study of their maker marks and even production techniques . He covers everything from 1913 to 1957
Mark also listed a complete study of the RZM system/markings/codes …this alone makes it a fantastic “Tool” for any collector as some reference Books cover the PK and LDO #’s but usually overlook the RZM.

Mark also credited our own Jo Rivett for his contributions ...It's great seeing Jo's extensive knowledge put to work --and helping our Hobby.

This Reference Book is well worth adding to a Library.
Thanks Mark & Jo

Mike Peters
30th July 2010, 12:01 AM
Here's another "sneak peek" at what this Book has to offer --

If we can get Jo to jump in on this Thread ..he'd be able to let anyone interested in buying a copy know where to find it

30th July 2010, 12:37 AM
Hi Mike

Glad you like it :cool: There certainly is a lot of info about certain Makers that you wouldn`t find on a Google search. Then again, it`s my experience that Todays`collector is not interested in the actual maker, but more in the product, even if a Knights Cross had "J.F.Kennedy" stamped on the back, people who still buy it..because they don't want to learn about History, they just want to Believe that what they have is Real, and a Bargain too !!!

But, your post should read 1813-1957 :rolleyes:

The book can be ordered through Mark on his website: