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  1. books

    Make me an offer.
  2. Feld fu B1

    have benn away for awhilw, the Feld Fu B1 is still available, please contact me if interested.
  3. Switchboard

    Have been away for a while. The German W.W. II field switchboard is still available. I can attempt to post photos , but contact me and I can send you them
  4. Replies

    Need a part for my SS Officers sword.

    I need the pommel top for an SS Officers sword. Anyone know of a person of company that deals in parts?
  5. Replies


    Hi Dean,

    Well if he is dead , I would like that confirmed. If not, I will still seek the subject as long as it takes.
  6. switchboard

    The switchboard is still available/ Please contact me for info.
  7. FeldFu

    Radio is still available. I am not able to do photos yet. Contact me for info.
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    Anyone know a gent named Joe Vaughn?

    Looking to contact this gent, Joe Vaughn. Last resided in Naples Florida. Need to contact or locate to conclude a vehicle deal. Phone number, address, email is anyone has this info, Thanks!
  9. WTB Original W.W.II German machined LSR mount

    Looking for an original W.W.II German LSR with the machined scope rings, not the spring bands. It must be an original not a reproduction. Please send photos.
  10. feld fu b1

    Will attempt to post . have a new computer.
  11. WTS Original W.W.II German Feld Fu B1 radio

    A very rare and difficult items of W.W.II German communications devices. original Feld Fu B1 single man brown bakalite cased back pack radio, squad level communications for the Heer forces attaches...
  12. WTS Rproduction rubber eye cup for Japanese sniper scope

    A reproduction rubber eye cup for the Japanese sniper scopes, fits my T97 probably will fir T99. the rubbers is soft and flexible, new condition....$40.00 plus post
  13. WTS Original W.W.II German field switchboard for fieldphones

    Am original W.W.II German field switchboard, 12 line board, wood box, with removable metal key and removable terminal cover, screw on type, ,original finish never been tampered with, all lines are...
  14. WTS...W.W.II reference books, Angolia, Davis, Spronk, out of print books

    Books are listed in the sets by authors, All books being sold as sets. Prices do not include postage. Sorry I just got a new computer and can not do photos yet.

    Vol. 1 & 2 Uniforms and insignia...
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    WTB British Scout Sniper Telescope

    Looking for an original W.W.II British Scout sniper telescope with the case. clear optics, complete rig. Please let me know, photos a plus. Thanks
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