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Thread: WW2 Flare Gun?

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    Default WW2 Flare Gun?

    Hi all,

    I'm in Scotland, I have what I believe is a British WW2 Flare gun.

    I would just like to identify it and find out some info on it.

    It belonged to my grandfather who served in the 49th Infantry Division (Polar Bears) Bridging Platoon, Royal Engineers during WW2 and has been in the family since then.

    My grandfather died in 2000 without telling anyone about it.

    It still has his name on it and has "Lille" and "Kiltur" (spelling maybe wrong on this one) burnt into the wooden grip.

    The mechanism, trigger etc all work although it is a pretty basic design.

    Does anyone recognise it or have any info on it?


    Stuart Campbell

    p.s. the coin is a 2 coin from the UK but I believe many of the members here are USA based, so the coin is 28.4mm or 1 1/8" in diameter.

    Apologies for the picture quality, they were taken on a mobile phone, i can get more detailed pics if needed.

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    Welcome to the Forum Highlander. You may want to go to The Flare Gun Forum. It is all flare guns and the guys there know a lot. Good luck.

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    Thank you Willi

    Is this it?

    I never even thought to look for anything as specialised as a flare gun forum!

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    I am a member of that forum. The flare pistol you have is a Kittur Lille or Commandant Model. It is considered a WWI German flare pistol, but was most likely produced in Belgium territory, as the factory was right near the border of Germany and Belguim, and I assume was overrun and used by the Germans in World War I.

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    Thank you Signalman,

    I have been searching your forum and the internet the last hour or two and it indeed appears to be a WW1 German flare gun. a "Kommandeur de Lille" type 2 I believe.

    From what I can gather so far they were made in Belgium and/or Lille (under German occupation) for the German army during the early years of WW1

    Somehow it came into my Grandfathers possession during WW2, Is it possible they may have still been in use or been put into use in WW2? I will do a bit more investigating...

    My grandmother is still alive (95) I will ask her this evening although she usually does not talk about the war, every now and again she "forgets" and reveals a lot of previously unheard information...

    I will update this thread as I learn more..
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    I was going to say, Belgian because it looks like the Flobert single shot rifle design, BB

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