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Here are close up pics of the sniper cut. Since this is my first SVT, I dont have an opinion on whether it is original or not. To me looking closely at the cut it looks to me as if was done with someone with a small grinding wheel. There is no blueing within the cut only bare metal and seems rather rough---the thing that confuses me is the edges are very smooth---seems there should be burrs on the edges from the cutting wheel---however there arent any and the blueing goes nicely up to edges with no evidence of polishing. I am very happy with the rifle and I love to shoot it so no one will hurt my feelings one way or the other. TIA David
The notch on mine is very similar but also has what seems to be a proof mark "4" at the bottom of the groove. There is also a "7" in a circle marking on the top of the receiver near the notch.