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Thread: 1944 SVT-40- Maybe ex-AVT-40?

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    Question 1944 SVT-40- Maybe ex-AVT-40?

    I just bought an SVT-40 that appears to be an ex-AVT-40 dated 1944. There is a capital A on the trigger assembly and no arsenal marking. Does it stand for AVT? This has a marked AVT stock which has two repair screws in the stock. Was it damaged while it was used as an AVT? Here is a video of an AVT being fired and the shooter being pushed back a few feet lol. Thanks
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    That is a Cyrillic D in front of the #. Not sure about the A, Cyrillic uses the same A as we do. Is the rifle import marked?

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    No. I'm in Canada and paid $250 for it yesterday at a gun shop. I just cleaned it today and all the arsenal marks I've seen on the various parts are marked Tula. I have seven other SVT's and all of them have a mix of different arsenal parts from refurb. Were the AVT's marked on the trigger assembly I wonder

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    Not sure what the "A" is for. The font is different on the trigger guard than on the stock and the receiver. The trigger guard was almost certainly exchanged during the refurb process, as your rifle has the narrow trigger guard, and to my knowledge all 1943 and later guns were originally equipped with the wide trigger guards. The majority of the refurbs have AVT stocks, and it is my opinion that neither stock would fail from firing the weapon, but that the thinner wristed early stocks (which are ergonomically preferable) would break from rough or clumsy handling.

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