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    Good morning to all from a newbie, I have always dreamed of owning a MP44. I have seen the MP44's all over the place when it comes to pricing, I have heard from $30,000 to $40,000. but recently one sold on for $15,000. I am also curious as to the #s that were brought into the US, does anyone have an idea? I would appreciate your help.

    Thanks Renny

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    There is no hard data as to how many were brought back / making matters worse in the 1950s many were dewated [ deactivated war trophy ] by welding the chamber shut and sold to the public.
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    There is no way to know how many were brought back - you could get a number of those registered, but even that would be unreliable because people identified firearms as almost anything from the 40s through the amnesty; to give you an example, a friend recently acquired a Japanese Type 92 MG which the original registrant listed the model as "situp MG". Even if every one were properly identified by model, the unregistered ones are an unknown.

    As for prices, 15-18 would be "reasonable" IMO, but yes, they are all over the place. I bought mine after the market "negatively adjusted" a few years ago (quotes and gibberish used so as not to offend anyone who says MG prices never go down - even when they go down).

    Apologies for taking forever to answer.

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