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Those do look good. I own three Heer winter sets, mouse gray, splinter and the later tan and water. I've either purchased mine from LB or 1944 (who sells SMWholesale camo). Very happy with their products, but I think they're too much money. The splinter camo on the Hessen looks damn good to me, and the cut looks decent as well. One nice part about winter suits, they were made from material over run, scraps, and the lining was usually ground up wool blankets and old uniforms. In my opinion, the uglier the better.
I called about them last year. The lady (who happens to be German) who answered the phone said they got them (and SOME) of their other stuff from Germany. She said they are real nice. If you like their stuff, they have an anniversary sale around October every year I think. They have some pretty good discounts.