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Thread: WWII military books?

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    my books will go to a local museum that has expressed an interest in them......
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    I just finished a book by Bruno Sutkus, his book is Sniper Ace, and he took out hundreds Russian soldiers. He was taken by the Russians without their knowing he was a sniper, and spent most of his life in a freezing place in Russia, Had the comrads known he was a sniper, he would have been murdered in a very painful way. He was held for many years by the comrades. His book is SNIPER ACE, From The Eastern Front To Siberia. Now I am going to re read the book on the Civil war again.

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    I just finished Spearhead by Adam Makos. It was so good I read the entire book in 5 1/2 hours.
    It is the story of a tank crew that took part in the battle for Cologne, with a Panther tank, that was filmed by a war correspondent. I highly recommend it.

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