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Thread: Erma MP44 Matching Numbers

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    Default Erma MP44 Matching Numbers

    Had this for a few years now. Came from the veteran who liberated it in Bastogne in "44.
    Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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    HOLY! i want to be your friend. and neighbor.
    Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum

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    What a beauty! Certainly can't upgrade that one.

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    Very nice. But not for NY State - where even an M1 Carbine magazine is now banned.

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    Thank-you for the compliments. It is certainly my favorite rifle, and it has the best story to go with it.
    The Veteran was a friend and it means even more to me now that he is deceased. I always remember him when I handle this.
    His widow sold this to me after he passed away as she knew I would cherish it, she said Robert would have wanted you to have it.
    Even though I told her what it was worth and that I could never afford it, she sold it to me with a smile for a price I could.

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    Thumbs up

    Our WW II, Korea, and even Vietnam vets are getting fewer every day. God Bless all our Veterans - past, present and future.

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    That is a very nice example.
    Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoscet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave View Post
    That is a very nice example.
    Thanks Dave. It is all original bluing and the hand guard has a really nice plum color to it.
    Doesn't look like it was used much either. I tell my friends it was "only dropped once".
    Robert kept it at a VFW hall he started in his hometown until the 1970's when they made remove it.
    Then it sat in a closet until his passing. His wife gave me the "68 amnesty paper with it. I tried to do as much as I could for her after he passed, and she never asked for a thing.
    She lived another 5 years after that God bless her soul. She was like a Grandmother to me.
    Every veteran out there has a special story, and they all deserve our appreciation for what they have done.

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