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Thread: ZF4 scope bullet drop adjustment knob wobbles

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    Default ZF4 scope bullet drop adjustment knob wobbles


    I bought reproduction ZF4 a week ago from
    But immediately I noticed odd wobble on the bullet drop adjustment knob on the side.

    It wobbles sideways and vertically, making it feel like the adjustment is not accurate since it is very easy to miss the middle marks between numbers.
    It is like some spots are very hard to "feel" when they should click into place.
    Also when I switch back to number one position I can very easily go little too far over that spot.
    I made video to YouTube showing what I mean, sorry for the poor quality and focusing of my mobilephone camera:

    The three screws on the side of the knob are secured tight.
    Do you think this one is broken or is this normal?
    Has anyone opened up the bullet drop adjustment knob and can this be fixed?
    Is there any breakdown picture of ZF4 anywhere?

    Thank you for any help.

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    Wow, I never imagined this forum would be this quiet and dead...

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    Mine does not wobble. Mine is a numerich repop.

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    Sorry, there are down times on every forum, and sometimes we do completely miss new posts / your scope adjustment dials should not be loose or wiggle.
    Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoscet.

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    Default My Celestial ZF4 Scope

    I put one of the Sarco Chi-Com ZF4 scopes on my FG42 and tried to adjust it, but the 3 adjustment cap screws for windage and elevation both appear to be glued, and can't be unscrewed using a regular screwdriver. Basically, the same thing Tim ran into. Has anyone else encountered this? Should I look for my hammer?
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