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Thread: Help me ID and give advise WW1 and WW2 bayonet..i think

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    Post Help me ID and give advise WW1 and WW2 bayonet..i think

    My grandfather brought these bayonets back from WWII. He served under Patton's 3rd Army. I know they are both German Bayonets. I've done some research on one of them and believe it is a M1898/05 a.A S. blade's about 21.5" long (55cm)
    a.A= alter art. This due to the wooden handle being one piece I believe I read they started using two pieces of wood on the handle after 1902.
    S= Sawback, it has an S symbol next to the notch on the handle.
    Crown It also has a crown on the blade, just above the "shield" (not sure if that's what it called) There should also be a letter below the crown but i can not make out what letter..The letter I believe tells which time period (
    Also there apears to be a crown on the spine of the blade close to the handle and maybe a letter there as well.

    Serial # on the Steel sheath

    I'm sure there are many other things on the bayonet that I can't make out. Which brings me to a much debated question...
    clean it or leave it as is? I've heard gun oil is ok? Opinions?

    I'm afraid to clean it and ruin any history or value. But I don't want it rusting or becoming worse in quality...

    Next bayonet


    COF 44 on one side of blade close to handle

    Serial # ? 6199 on the other side and maybe an lower case "i" or upside down 1 compared to the orientation of the 6199
    44agv on sheath

    I will post pictures and more if needed. Please feel free to tell me anything you know about them! And advise is greatly appreciated! Maybe even worth although I'll never sell these.

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    Default Photos of M1898

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    Default K98 photos

    see attached
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