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Thread: Early C96 collectables

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    Default Early C96 collectables

    I've been fascinated by C96 pistols ever since I read of Winston bloody Churchill using his at Omdurman. I have only one cone hammer version, but have 4 Large-Ring slab-side models that are in very fine condition. One has its' correct matching numbered stock with holster still intact. I've recently thought of selling it, but don't have a clue re price, can't find any on GB, etc. I would rate them (the slabsides) at 95%+ condition, no rust or pitting, all correct. Anyone seen any for sale lately? All came out of a nice collection years ago.

    I'll try and take some pictures, lovely examples.
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    C96s are great pieces and quite valuable w/ the original stock. I would not know how to value one but would think around 3,000 dollars.
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    Do you have any photo's, I would be curious to see the pistol, and what type of stock and holster it comes with. It should not be the WWI style. Some can be quite valuable.
    I think if common variation, Dave is right on in price. But of course it could be a rarer variation

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    Default Large Ring C96

    There are many variations of the C96, the ones mentioned are the second generation Large Rings, made after the Cone Hammers, of which I only have the one.

    I'll take some pictures, just have to find them. Found my first Broomhandle in 1959, a standard model. The stocks are original, some numbered to the weapons shown.

    I added an Astra, a Cone Hammer, an altered post WWI police model, a 1930 model, plus a fake harness for you to ferret out.

    Large Rings are scarce and hard to find, not that many were made, and there were variations, etc. The one mentioned has its' original numbered stock, I figure it was made ca. 1900, perhaps earlier. Two of the Large Rings are only 5 numbers apart. Large Ring stocks are slightly different than the other C96 stocks (because of the larger hammer ring).

    As in all collectibles, condition is everything, these are very fine. Thought I'd add the serial numbers on some stocks I have as well as pistols. I'll add a couple more when I find them. Stocks: #402, #554, #761, #958 (with red 9 #8958) #547 (with #330547) the stock for Astra 4293 has no number, but it certainly looks original to me. I have nothing to compare it with, anyone else seen one? Broomhandles w/o stocks are: Serial 194191, 168560, 844557, LRs 21088 & 21083, 330547.

    The large ring shown by Hmnegs75 also has its' original stock numbered to the gun.
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    Default Posting for Sepp44

    Here are a few pictures
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    Default LARGE RING

    By golly, that's mine! Thanks for taking the pics, sorry I didn't recognize the name. Thanks, Eric!
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    My experience with the Red 9 is that it is a violent pistol to shoot. The bolt action is so far above the hand that it really does exert quite a lot of movement. Breakdown and cleaning are not particularly easy.

    But this is what is so endearing about them - quintessential teutonic over-engineering, expensive to make, complex to maintain, complete with wood and leather extras.

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    Default Ammo

    C96's are tight, awkward, clumsy shooters. Hard to fire accurately, particularly if you don't have a stock. Major problem is using surplus ammunition, which often was made for Soviet automatics. It's just too hot for pistols. They don't jam very often, tho.

    I saw a guy get badly injured when surplus ammo blew the barrel straight back, off the frame, gouging his right cheek and ear.

    Pistol needed a new bolt-block, good as new.

    BTW, I don't recommend shooting using an original stock, seen too many with cracks. Main thing is, get the right ammo!
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    Great Collection. Cone hammer is in NICE condition !

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    Default Broomhandles + etc.

    Fellas, I've been thinking of cutting down the pile. I still have 3 tables at our local show, but this is California, and I recently heard they are going to have a 10 day waiting period for ammunition.

    At 73, I find this hard to take. I have a lot of stuff, many scoped rifles, mostly German, Sepp44

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