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Thread: Hunting for MP44 receiver parts -

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    Default Hunting for MP44 receiver parts -

    I am looking for cut MP44 receiver parts - blow torch or saw cut - let me know what you have.
    Also looking for a nice trunion -

    This latest parts kit looks like it was demilled by hitting against a low French cobble-stone wall about fifty to sixty times at the receiver. It is bent and crushed as is the trunion inside. -

    have cash waiting - or parts to trade.

    Have two aluminum MP44 display receivers.

    Thanks fellow WW2 collectors,

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    This parts kit was my first semi-auto build - (I say my, but it was built by an FFL 07, to specific 922r requirements and is absolutely not returning to FA... Ever.)

    I bought this from a single out of focus photograph ad and was very excited, my first MP44 (three in now.)
    And it was cheap - I don't negotiate, or even ask for too many details!...

    ...So the catch?

    I mentioned here it looked like this one had been demilled by hitting against a French wall.
    I think it was that or a Sherman Tank that was responsible, and I'm leaning towards the tracked vehicle.

    The barrel was bent.
    The receiver was bent.
    The Trunnion arms were bent.
    The gas tube was bent.

    The was not a straight line anywhere to be found on this parts kit -
    To get it finished, has cost as much as...

    ...Well, I could have bought plenty of modern SA rifles, let's leave it at that.

    Be careful when something looks too good to be true.

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