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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave View Post
    Okay, there you have it as he represented it to me.
    If he did it...His first mistake was humping the gun.

    It appears his second mistake was relisting it for sale so soon which thereby fired up the controversy again and got the hounds on his trail.

    Should have kept a low profile and set on it for awhile... a long , long while..then sold it locally, if he wanted to get away with it.

    He didnt put enough time and distance between himself and it....

    Karmas a bitch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frankj23 View Post
    Here is what I sent Dave when the whole Ironmen thing happened. Seems unlikely, but so does getting $4446 for an ordinary 1940 243 KM and $15,025 for an even more ordinary 1939 147.
    Strange stuff happens to me. I have frequently bought guns impulsively, and regretted it later. On other occasions, I ran the guns past Dave, and he prevented me from buying them.

    Default Re: Listen we have ALL made mistakes buying guns that turned out to be dicked with. I
    Listen we have ALL made mistakes buying guns that turned out to be dicked with. I truly think you are over reacting by selling off things. I respect your right to do as you wish with what is yours, but I have at least 6 guns I paid good money for that I will lose money on when I sell them.

    Dear Dave -

    My mistake is worse than others. I consigned this faked gun, which could have ruined Ironmen's reputation, had it sold and had it not been picked
    up by the astute members of the forum. Let me tell you the whole story now- I bought that gun in 2012, directly from the seller, not on Gunbroker, because I asked him a question about
    it and he emailed me directly after it did not sell, and offered it to me for $1650. It never could have been traced back to me through Gunbroker, because it was not
    a Gunbroker transaction. It was the first k98 I ever bought, back in my starting days, when I thought they
    were all " Mausers ". I had no idea it was a special code. I did not know about codes. Or dates. Or blocks or even " matching ". I had never taken a German
    gun apart. I just thought it was pretty - nice metal, nice stock. I did not think " this gun has been sanded to shit! "
    I made some of my first forum posts about my proud acquisition. I learned it was somehow special, but also that is was worthless because of the sanding
    that I had thought looked so cool. My foolish, naive posts embarrassed my later, when I had learned a little.
    But soon, after all my friends made fun of it for being sanded to death, I sold it to a guy at my rifle range for $1600. I was glad to get rid of it.
    I had NO idea it was a ~!!! Naval 1939 BSW !!!~ It was just a stupid, sanded gun, that I got my money back on.
    Later, I learned what BSW meant, but did not connect it all with the first gun I bought, that sanded joke. You know I have been
    bugging you for a BSW for a couple of years. Anyway, I was also asking people at my gun club if anybody had a BSW.
    One day, a guy came and showed me that humped gun. I was totally suckered by it. I took pictures of it, showed them to
    Bruce, and he said he did not like the channel number, but the rest seemed OK. Bruce said to be cautious, and probably not
    to buy it. But, after months of debating and haggling, I decided it looked good despite one questionable part, and bought
    it for $4000 in cash, plus a Saiga 12, which I hated anyway. Then, as luck would have it, I found and bought 2 more, genuine, all matching 1939 BSWs, including
    one KM. Just last month, I got another one. So, I decided to sell the one that is now known to be a fake, because it was clearly refinished
    and I had 3 perfect ones. I offered it on consignment because I thought it might sell for a lot, and I did not want my name
    associated with it, after all the unwanted publicity I got from that $15,025 1939 147 I sold.[ ].
    I did not want more publicity.
    On the day of the auction, I came home and checked the forum auctions section, saw the pictures of the sanded gun, and realized that
    I had been sold my old gun back. I had never connected the beautiful [ fake ] gun with the sanded thing I bought as my first k98.

    I told all of this to the Ironmen [ Jared ], but naturally he believes I just was scamming him. I can understand why.
    Truth is weirder than fiction, in this case.

    So, I was a double idiot. I bought a crap gun twice, and did not even realize it.

    Anyway, it is hard and isolating to be a gun collector in San Francisco. Everybody thinks I am a " gun nut ", blah, blah, blah.

    I am just tired of it all.

    I hope my guns sell for good prices.

    At the end of this all, I will sell the fake BSW on Gunbroker, billing it as a stock mismatch, with a replaced,
    renumbered stock. I will mark the stock channel and hand guard in a way that it could never be passed off as genuine again.
    It will be a great placeholder for somebody who cannot afford or cannot find a genuine 1939 Naval BSW. I also
    think it will bring a good price, simply because it looks damn good, and some people will want it. That will be my
    last sale, and I will not care what anybody says or thinks.

    Once again, I appreciate all the advice you have given me, and all the support when I had made bad purchases
    or decisions.

    But this one was so bad that I can never forget it or live it down.

    Best to you always,

    OK, there it is. As I said above, I will be selling my stuff, although will probably keep all 3 BSWs, the 147 K date, and a few guns
    that Bruce and Mike were kind enough to sell me. But all else will be sold as I get the energy to present them. Have fun discussing
    them, but I will not be reading the posts. This is my last post and my last visit to this fine forum.
    Just preserving this post.
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    My God !!!!!!
    Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoscet.

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