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    I have several (almost) mint condition second model Mauser large ring C-96 Broomhandles. Two of them are only 5 digits apart, all are almost mint. I'd like to keep the twins together, the third one is very close to mint, too. To me they are all mint, but you know where that leads. A while ago I put some pics of some Broomhandles (along with these) on the forum. Should still be there. I suppose they could be pre-1898 builds, prolly not....but close!

    I have found them to be very rare. If interested, email me, Sepp44
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    Sepp44, pm sent!

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    Default Second model Broomhandles

    I still have the pair of second model Large Ring Broomhandles, #'s 21088 & 21083. Both remain in fine condition, $8,000, trade.

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