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Thread: Please help ID this relic

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    Default Please help ID this relic

    Hi all

    I have just joined this forum and hope to be an active member over the coming months/years. My first post is a plea for help identifying a relic that has defied all attempts to ID it in the past.

    I am chairman of the WW2 Relic retrieval & Preservation Group (RRPG), and pride myself on being able to identify a rusty piece of crap from 50 yards, so long as it has something to do with WW2! However, this piece has defied all attempts to ID it.

    This was recovered from a British Army dump site that I have landowners permission to dig. It is full of weapon parts, (Lee-Enfield, Browning M1917, Vickers MG, Bren, Sten, name it, it's there), and also has lots of older relics and even armourers tools.

    These items have been recovered from, what we like to call, the WW2 layer, and have something to do with a weapon or mount from WW2 or earlier. trouble is, we can't ID what it is!

    So I am appealing to the experts on this forum for help. We know it is weapon related as everything from this dump site has been, but what is it????

    It measures four inches in length and 2 inches across. The tube part is hollow with a hex head at one end and a thread to screw into something. The other part is solid with a cam on it.

    Markings on it show it was made by C.F.S. co. but a search for this company has drawn a blank. So what the heck is it? It could be a relic from any of the above weapons, or maybe even one not listed. Some have said it is an Energa grenade launcher adapter.......but that wasn't right. Others that it was a gauge square.....but for what weapon? Others think it may be a bi/tripod part..... Any help would be gratefully received.
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    I would think remains of a tripod
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    Instead of C.F.S. Company, could it be a military location? Like Canadian Forces Station, Coverdale? I know this is an old thread, but Iím sick at home with nothing to do...


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