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Thread: A jet P-51 Mustang?

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    Default A jet P-51 Mustang?

    Look at this! Did You know this rare and unusual version of the P-51 Mustang? The link below has some photos and a question: this version entered service or combat? To see all the pictures and answer the question above, please visit the link below and leave your comment.

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    Experimental jobs built in the years 1946 -1950 as the U.S. military entered the jet age. Never a chance of being adopted. Once the Swept wing pioneered by the Germans was recognized as the future all these cobbled together frankenstein aircraft went no where. Piston aircraft like the P51D and late P47 variants were used by the Air National Guard until the mid 1950s and then sent to the bone yard.

    The Navy flew F4Us until 1955 with the fleet, and the Naval Reserves flew them until 1959, when they also went to the scrap yards.
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