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    German soldiers used Pervitin, a German product patented in 1937 that contains methamphetamine, which is known today as crystal meth.

    That soldiers were taking Pervitin was not a secret at all.

    The Germans relied on what was essentially a pill form of crystal meth, called Pervitin. Synthesized by a chemist in Berlin and marketed for alertness, the drug was initially sold over the counter in pharmacies across Europe. Just one pill gave the Soldiers the alertness they needed to remain awake for hours. Thanks, in part, to the ease with which they could obtain it, the drug believed it to be just “like coffee.”

    It was freely available as a medicine until 1939. In Berlin, it became a drug of choice, like people drink coffee to boost their energy. People took loads of Pervitin, across the board. The company wanted Pervitin to rival Coca Cola.

    So people took it, it worked and they were euphoric - a mood that matched the general mood before the war.

    The army realized there is a drug out there that might be of interest to soldiers because Pervitin keeps you awake for a long time… for the first couple of days, you don't need to sleep. It was used for the first time when Germany invaded Sudetenland and then Poland, and then when Germany attacked France in 1940, a Blitzkrieg strategy.

    Before that attack, the German army ordered 35 million tablets of Pervitin for the soldiers advancing on France.
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    I remember hearing about this many years ago, it was the Falschirmjaeger being able to stay awake, and thus, win.

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    Yah..was a Documentary on the History Channel not long go about it...can probably find it under on demand.

    Speaking of the FJ...saw another documentary a several years ago on Monte Cassino which included the FJ occupying the american soldier was recounting one of the attacks up the mountain and was talking about a FJ machine gunner who was drunk and and laughing while firing away during the battle.

    He also spoke about a cease fire where they exchanged stretchers so each side could remove their wounded and then promptly went back to hostilities after the task was finished.

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