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Thread: K98 with serial number stamped on outside of stock

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    Default K98 with serial number stamped on outside of stock

    Has anyone ever seen a stock with the serial number stamped on the outside? I came across this bnz4 and it's a bit confusing. For some reason the two front barrel bands do not have a serial number on them either. I've attached some pictures, I'll try to get a few more this afternoon. Could this really be a factory error?
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    You want to stay away from this rifle. The external serial on a bnz.4 is not correct. Exernal SN should have disappeared by 1942 for all manufacturers I believe. If that's wrong someone will come along and correct me. The bolt is renumbered, the firing pin is renumbered, floorplate looks fine, and finally that proof on the receiving is no good.

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    These guys are 100% correct ///// GUN NO BUENO
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    I won't even waste time uploading the other pics. I saw a few random stocks around with serial numbers on the outside but I cannot recall where. It sounds like it's not something to be touched. I don't know why anyone faking things would fake it wrong, but I guess whatever crazy ideas they come up with to try and scam people they'll try.

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    Run. The others are correct. Look closely at the safety and cleaning rod. The fake serial numbers are awful.

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