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    Story is this: guy says he has Swedish mausers which I am interested in the this thing was pulled out....I have never been a pistol guy, but I never pass up something that might be good. Any help is appreciated Thanks Andy
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    I suspect refinished. Not enough pictures to tell whether matching or not. The magazine shown is not original to gun, but is an original and has value. Receipt says 299.99? If you can get it for that then you are in business!!

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    I can get more pics. Just give me an idea of which to get. Not interested in suspicious things. Thanks

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    Is there red paint in the "F" and white in the "S" on the safety? Are the #s actually matching? Mag should be numbered to gun. Price will be key. Need more pics.

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    Default More pics

    More pics of p38
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    Default P38 pics more

    Pics of p38
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    Refinished and import marked / value $400.00
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    Good help. Thanks Dave
    I will pass and go for the Swedish Mausers (my comfort zone)

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