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Thread: Jap model 38 help

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    Default Jap model 38 help

    OK, here's something to look at. I had a new neighbor move into the house last year. Last night we were talking about guns and he brought out a Jap model 38, that his grand father picked up on Okinawa island.

    I have some knowledge of old Jap WWII rifles as I owned on back in 1957 that my dad bought me at a outdoor swap meet in San Diego Ca. He paid $20 for it, it was sporterized 7.7 Jap and had a Bishop stock and was reblued.

    I shot my first deer with it when I was 13.

    Anyway, This appears to be a naval issue as the naval anchor appears on the receiver and has not been milled off. I also see the same marking on stock at the lower pistol grip. There is also markings on both sides of the stock. I can not find any proof marks or manufacture marks on the receiver, only what appears to be the serial number. I was hoping to find out when it was manufactured and at what factory.

    The bolt is very crude (but functional) and I dont think it was the orig bolt for this gun.

    I know at the end of the war the Japanese were making junk rifles and I was wondering if this could be a parts gun or last ditch gun. Don't know if the Naval guns were made at one factory and therefore no proof or manufacture marks on the receiver or barrel.

    I also would like some help on the markings on the but stock. I have seen some Japanese script in the square box this not this one. Don't know it is a factory, regiment or cerimonial markings.

    Today I took a bore light and discovered that I could not see down the barrel. When I shined a light at the muzzle I noticed what appears to be a bullet stuck about 2 inches from the crown. I dissasembled the receiver and was able to run a small rod down the barrel to the obstruction. It matches the length to where the bullet would be in the barrel.

    The receiver looks very rough on the bottom side, you can see the sand or mold castings and parts were fitted very crudely.

    I do not remember my 7.7 Jap being that crude.

    Here are some pictures to look at. Any body that can link me to some more info would be great. I told the neighbor I would find out as much as I could about the gun.
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    Photos front and rear sights ???
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    Is that a training rifle? Type 38's are suppose to have two holes on the top of the receiver, Type 99's have one, but that rifle has Type 38 features. I understand that training rifles with Type 38 features have one hole on top of the receiver. The bolt seems to have lugs on it so that might be a real Type 38 bolt. I understand training rifles have multiple variations.

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