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Thread: S/147 1937

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    Default S/147 1937

    Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoscet.

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    WOW. that's a nice one..

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    Nice wood. Handguard repair hardly visible from outside. Front sight mismatch. I love the early K98ks

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    The bandspring is from a "G" date Mauser and there is damage to the stock from incorrect disassembly of the lower band. The internal stock serial number is overstamped "0" over "8", but it just looks like a factory mistake. The mismatched front sight and handguard repair were already mentioned.

    1937 JP Sauer rifles do come up for sale and often have mostly matching parts. The trick is finding one that has not been altered: almost all the examples I have tracked over the years have major problems. Most often, it is a refinished stock or chemically cleaned metal. On two nice matching, original rifles, there were structural cracks in the stock. On another, a faked trigger guard and floorplate. I think of the twenty or so I've seen over the last ten years, three are matching and original with no major issues. Here is one that showed up on Gunboards:

    I bought another on a Gunbroker "buy it now" for $2,300 which was an incredible risk on some really crappy pictures and there was a third nice one Gunboards, but the pictures are gone. In short, if you are looking for an S/147 1937, this one is better than most I have seen for sale.

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    I was thinking it's probably going pretty high. He pulls big money on shiess already so I'm watching where this one ends up.

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    Not always some really nice items of his has sold cheap before. Never know with gunbroker. Always surprises me when I see junk fake crap bring big payouts but good pieces sell cheap.

    Hell last year I bought an all matching Gew98 rifle off gunbroker for $425. And thats what the buy now button was set at. I couldn't believe people were bidding on it and not pressing that button. I sure did!

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