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    Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoscet.

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    Personally I find the maker of the S98/05 more interesting then the rifle. Not a commonly seen bayonet I come across.

    Only bad thing I have too say about the seller is he shows no pictures of the bolt.

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    Hard to sell a rifle with so little to go on, he replaces a detailed description on the rifles characteristics and condition with a half baked history lesson, - for one the EW was a nation wide militia (not paramilitary, they were an official government organization armed by the German military) and wasn't specifically anti-communist, some of the EW outside of Bavaria were left leaning, especially in the larger industrial towns and cities. The Bavarians were an exception only because of the nature of the state (still rather conservative and largely rural, though the war had moved Bavaria more industrial and brought with it labor unrest) and the fact communists had seized the government. Most EW disarmed quickly when ordered by the government to disband, the Bavarians and some eastern EW's dragged their feet for obvious reasons, the Bavarians were quite defiant and that is why so many rifles have survived, many went to smugglers like Röhm (who ironically originally armed the EWB as a German Officer)

    Anyway, typically EWB take a hit over their Imperial brethren, especially if they have been through extensive reworks like this one. Generally EWB is not a big plus on rifles (it can be on accessories); same deal with the bayonet, blued is bad on a Sg98/05 unless unit marked, like with police organizations.

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