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Thread: Sure It Is

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    Quote Originally Posted by heavy_mech View Post
    Well someone named 'boilerop' got it. He's got over 3000 feedback so I'm guessing a shop. Probably will be marketed locally as the genuine article. At least that's my guess.

    Ain't that strange? Because this is what "boilerop" posted on Gunboards last week:
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    Any info on the Barvarian prison guard k98!?

    Does anyone have info on the Barvarian Prison guard k98s? my buddy is looking at buying one, and i was curious if anyone had one in there collection or even info on it! Thank you Gage! here a photo of the receiver!
    So, he is is own buddy?

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    Well isn't that interesting? Seems the consensus was 'why would anyone possibly fake this' so it was probably real. FWIW, is 'boilerop' is just a collector he's a pretty prolific one.

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