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Thread: Hoffer Thompson (Practice Springfield 1903)

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    Default Hoffer Thompson (Practice Springfield 1903)

    Hello everyone,
    New member here and looking for information on this rifle. I have done quite a bit of research and know of the Hoffer Thompson and even tracked down and purchased one of the practice rounds that accept the 22 short and fired one through. (I had to try it, only one). Anyway, there are no actual "22" markings on the rifle that I see. Does anyone have any input on this ? I know about these rifles and that somewhere in the range of 15,000 or so where produced and many converted back to the standard 30.06 1903 after realizing what a horrible design it was. I see they are decently rare but most have the 22 marking under the barrel at the end of the stock, and some by the serial numbers.

    Thanks in advance for anyones input, I really appreciate your time.

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    Nice but I have never seen one...
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