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Thread: It's That Time of The Year For Thieves

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    Default It's That Time of The Year For Thieves

    I track my purchases and It's a good thing I do. This was posted today. I called immediately and froze the account. A new card will be issued.

    A purchase was charged to your account.
    RE: Account ending in ****


    As requested, we’re notifying you that on DEC 05, 2017, at ROCK AUTO, a pending authorization or purchase in the amount of $427.68 was placed or charged on your Capital One MASTERCARD PLATINUM account.

    Note: You’ll receive this notification for both purchases and pending authorizations, such as car rentals, hotel reservations and gas purchases, even if an actual transaction hasn’t taken place.

    Please visit your account to view your pending and posted transactions.
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    You know, if we would shoot a few of these on-line/identity thieves, I predict we'd see a lot less of this time consuming sh!t.

    I've had my amex and visa cards hacked, my checking account hacked (with fake checks) and my IRS account hacked. The IRS one is the worst. Every year (for 20 years) , I would file for an extension and then later write the IRS a LARGE check for the balance due. When my CPA filed the extension one year ( this was in like 2011) it bounced back but he didn't recognize the red flag. A thief had filed a fraudulent return on April 15th which showed a refund due of a couple of grand, and it had instructions for the refund to be sent to a third party with a third world name. The IRS actually sent the check! So when we did file that year (in September) it was "rejected" and we were told I had "already filed". It took a trip to the IRS office in downtown Dallas to get this sorted out. The agent, who was very helpful, acted like it was an everyday occurrence. The IRS solution is to supply me with a "PIN" every year which must be included with any filing/communication with them. I learned shortly after my personal experience that this was a multi- BILLION dollar problem with the IRS every year!

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    Default Scammers

    Don't feel like the Lone Ranger, this year a guy from SPAIN!!! copied my Visa card. Had to get a new card, suffered mild agitation, (my own). Visa didn't seem surprised, Easy Squeezy Japaneezy. Be sure to check things every month. Sepp
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