It's Okay To Hunt Them As Long As They Are DemoKKKrats

Police said an armed man stopped his car in an intersection and yelled he needed to fight the “lizard people.”

An armed Washington state man stopped in the middle of an intersection last month to fight “lizard people” because President Trump told him to, police said.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Office said they received a call on Nov. 25 in Parkland, Wash., that a 54-year-old man had stopped his white SUV in the middle of an intersection, waved an AK47 and screamed about “sending in the news” and “lizard people.”

Police arrived at the scene and started closing in on the man who put his weapons away in the car and laid on the ground as per police orders. The man allegedly resisted being handcuffed before police tasered him.

According to police, the man said he had “snorted methamphetamine to lose weight” and had been prescribed morphine.

“The meth doesn’t make me crazy man, the lizard people are real!” he reportedly told officers. He also said Trump called his home to inform him about the “lizard people” and that he needed to fight them before they took over, police said. The man, police reported, claimed that Trump told him an “Alpha Dragon” had kidnapped his family and were holding them hostage.

The man reportedly said he screamed because he wanted to “attract the news vans” so “his story could be documented for history.”