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    Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoscet.

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    Wasn"t this discussed a few months back.

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    Yes. Itís the one with the replaced rear mount. We talked about this.

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    I've been told German W1 snipers were made with hunting scopes, and that the first military snipers were made for Argentina for their 1909 German rifles. They were made after WW! in Germany on the sneak.
    My understanding is that a total of 2 thousand were made, first 500 with no finish, the other 1500 were blued. I got mine (first 500) via a guy in Brazil who had the correct (made in Germany) scopes for Argentina. Sepp44
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    That’s not actually the case. The civilian population was asked to donate their scopes and scoped hunting rifles so virtually any combination of rifle / scope could have seen service in the trenches. There were many early small German scope makers who provided scopes for purpose made sniper rifles used by the German military. Not many are known to have survived the war and many of those that did were destroyed during the armistice. Even more were reserected by the early Wehrmacht and SS and consumed in the 2nd world war. There were most definatly purpose made sniper rifles issued to German troops in WW1 but never in sufficient quantities
    The rifle at auction is such a variant with the properly initialed bent bolt and matching relief in the stock. It has simply been restored and has a few issues.
    The Argentine sniper was a variant sold to that country with a specific Zeiss scope and low turret rings.
    Pictured is my example again and they are quite scarce
    The first picture is my Argentine sniper. This one was imported in the ‘80’s and has had the stock refinished at one time. The serial numbers are just barely visible in the wood. I think the auction rifle sold in the last couple months for @ 8k
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    Default Argentine snipers

    Looks OK to me. Mine is in mint condition, #9977. Germans certainly had snipers during WW1, but in small amounts of all kinds, nothing like WW2.
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