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    What an absurdity, - Belgian's supplying the provisional Reichswehr... the only two countries that hated one another more than Belgium and Germany, was Germany-France and Germany-Poland, there is less than zero chance Belgium "resupplied" the German government.. Belgium did posses enormous numbers of German rifles in 1919-1920, but they like the Dutch were bigtime re-sellers of such arms and Belgium was in no mood to "give" anything to the Germans (and Germany was anything but "short" of military rifles in 1920, they had many millions too many and hence the reason for the "1920" property marking, the purpose of which was solely one of identifying government property during the gun round up demanded by the Entente at Spa)

    The scenarios for this rifles odd situation are numerous, none of them very plausible or provable, - and the first step would be dating the Belgian markings and determining if they are even authentic - perhaps the two most plausible answers are one they are fabrications, or second that this rifle was a police issued rifle in the Rhineland and the Belgian authorities (Belgium was one of the occupying forces) somehow came into possession of it. A very real possibility considering how much the French and Belgians contributed to the unstable conditions through 1930 (their blatant hostility to any effort to stabilize Germany or treat the new "democratic" German republic fairly is as much the cause of WWII as any other cause. I would argue it was the number one cause...)

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