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    But A Sense Of Humor

    BUNNELL, Fla. (AP) - Looking to stay at the Green Roof Inn? Probably not.

    A Florida sheriff says rooms are available and a new retro-neon sign purchased with drug-seized assets features a blinking "vacancy" light.

    Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly has dubbed the county jail the Green Roof Inn. A sign lists the amenities at the facility north of Daytona Beach. There is no privacy, group bathrooms and no meal selection.

    But inmates do get free transportation to court and state prisons, designer handcuffs and leg irons, color coordinated jumpsuits and shoes.

    A sign at the jail's exit lets inmates know the Green Roof Inn "always has a light on" and beds are available if they break the law again.

    Staly says it's a warning that jail is not a "5-star hotel."
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    As I recall Sheriff Joe irked the commies about 20 years with a similar sign on his tent city jail that was built when main Maricopa facility filled up. Then he went further when he made the inmates pick up trash and quit serving coffee because it was so expensive saying "If they want coffee, stay out of jail". Cruel and unusual punishment that no coffee treatment is....

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    I remember working in a youth shelter that was a step down from juvenile detention. They would complain about the food which was rather disgusting. The reply from the staff was, This is some of the nastiest food we have ever seen but should you be suprised as this is the third time you are here. If you come back a forth time it will be just as disgusting. I also liked how they complained that it was boring and they had no freedom. Staff reply, That is the point and you should try to avoid doing things that will get you here.

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