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Thread: Sometimes being right sucks - in case you missed it

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    Default Sometimes being right sucks - in case you missed it

    The republicans just straddled future generations with more debt and broke every long term promise as per SOP. Every democrat donor group was taken care of. No wall (not in this country - we are building them in others). Paul Ryan says "it's a border wall system". All scandalized gov agencies getting more money. PBS & Planned Parenthood still funneling taxpayer money back to congress. No agencies eliminated. 2000+ page bill crafted in secret, less than 17 hours for members to read it. Trump signed it - claims he won't do something like this again... although he ran saying he wouldn't do it once.

    Don't take my word for it - look for video/audio of Chuck Schumer commenting on it. His words and demeanor cover it well.

    P.S. Almost forgot - the sanctuary cities still get sent money.
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    A sad state of affairs. I fear for my beloved Republic.

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    The Republic is, and has been toast.


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