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    Why Does Any Sane Person Live There ??????

    A Los Angeles judge has ruled that coffee companies need to carry a cancer warning label in California.

    Superior Court Judge Elihu Berle said in a proposed decision Wednesday that Starbucks and other coffee companies failed to prove the threat from a chemical compound produced during coffee roasting was insignificant.

    The chemical, acrylamide, is a carcinogen created when coffee beans are roasted. The carcinogen is one in a list of chemicals the state of California considers possible causes of cancer. Alcoholic beverages are also on the list.

    The lawsuit was first filed in 2010 by a nonprofit group who targeted coffee roasters, distributors and retailers that make or sell coffee for failing “to provide clear and reasonable warning” that drinking coffee could expose people to acrylamide.
    Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoscet.

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    (Raises hand) 'Me.'

    We're biding our time before we can pop smoke and get out. Our youngest won't graduate HS until five years from now, so we're stuck for a bit.

    This used to be a GREAT place to live. It's also why residents of rural/alpine California like me are pushing to detach from the rest of the state and form our own, 51st state made up of the conservative counties. The odds are against that, but there have been some very interesting ideas based on case law and corollaries. Counties like mine have dug in their heels and are fighting back. For all intents and purposes, our Sheriff won't enforce the new gun laws. WE elected him, not the liberals, so he routinely tells them and the governor to pound sand. Things will no doubt get more interesting, but at least there's nice weather, great hunting and a great variety of outdoor activities to keep me busy for now.

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    Mexifornia here, the original shit hole. Run by illegals, 1st generation offsprings of illegals and a bunch of Reconquistadores with their fat asses firmly settled down in the U.S. while their heads are still in Mexico. Hiring career criminal Eric Holder whose "Fast & Furious" brain fart funneled thousands of firearms to Mexican drug cartels, some of which turned up in massacres south of the border, some of which were used in the killing of U.S. border guards.
    Demokrat party criminals who made this state a "sanctuary state" and put illegal invaders ahead of legal citizens. Scumbags who have sworn to protect criminals (as long as they are from South America) while going after law abiding citizens any way they can. Tyrants, who had the audacity to threaten a law enforcement officer with arrest for publishing the names of criminal illegal aliens about to be released from jail (thus tipping off ICE) although the law that the tyrants rammed down the public's throat explicitly allowed for publishing this information.
    But the tide is changing, more and more cities refuse to abide by the "sanctuary state" rules, infuriating the Mestizos in Sacramento. The state is at its tipping point, only held in power through support from clueless BMW i3 driving millenials from the Bay area who live in the confines of their Google, Facebook and Apple campuses and in a real world couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag if their lives depended on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pat View Post
    ..Counties like mine have dug in their heels and are fighting back. For all intents and purposes, our Sheriff won't enforce the new gun laws. WE elected him, not the liberals, so he routinely tells them and the governor to pound sand..
    I feel bad for you Pat. I also grew up somewhere that was really nice and has been ruined over the last several decades. I bet California was a great place to live but something has happened that's making certain factions completely irrational wrt laws, rules and 'freedoms'.

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    Default California

    I was born in California, my father was born in California, my grandpa sat on his couch and cussed the South, (they should have hung Bob Lee, etc) my point is that my family has been in America sense the founding fathers, and I have no intention of leaving because of some Democrats (are they all women?) particularly those in San Francisco. It was a great place until Diane Feinstein and her minions stepped in, along with fags, disease, and the BS about protecting Mexicans. I would bet my house the alleged "Mexicans" are from further south, including South America.

    Mexicans have never been involved in any serious issues outside of San Francisco that I'm aware of. Half the class in my school (Huntington Park) in south L.A. were/are Hispanics. They'd been here long before the Gringos. They were robbed, for sure. I never knew any of the Vatos who weren't dammed proud to be Americans.

    By the way, Pat is right about North East California. I recall guys going up there to shoot their cannons, etc., particularly Dangerous Dave. No problem.......

    Back to the gun shows, I've been at the same 3 tables at the gun show for 30+ years. Need a sniper?

    No question about it, California is a tad fey, ask Diane.
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