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Thread: Beware of Randy Duckett DBA rdgunbooks

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    Bought a book from RDGUNBOOKS 6 weeks ago after receiving email instructions for payment, paid with PayPal and never received anything, not even a tracking number. Started getting worried after 2 weeks, emailed and got the response that he was busy and away from home with the promise of updating me. Nothing happened. Three emails later he tells me the book is on back order but on its way, after that he went silent. At the same time I find out he is still offering the book on his website and he has been trying to sell the book on eBay for the past 4 weeks while telling me it's on back order. Don't do business with Randy Duckett or at least use a credit card for payment so you can file a chargeback. Unethical scammer.

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    I and I am sure others really appreciate the heads up.

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