No Cure For Stupid

An Alabama man who was recently bitten by a venomous coral snake is now "fighting for his life," his family said.

A coral snake, considered to be one of the most venomous species of snake in North America, recently bit Jeffrey Phillips outside his Gilbertown, Alabama home.

Phillips’ children were the first to spot the snake.

Thinking the serpent was a harmless king snake, Phillips decided to pick it up, and give the snake, as a gift, to his older brother, who has owned snakes in the past, WTOK-News reported.

But shortly after he picked it up, the dangerous coral snake bit Phillips on the hand.

He was rushed to Anderson Hospital in Mississippi, where he remains in the intensive care unit.

THINKING [ obviously something he doesn't often do ] IT WAS A HARMLESS KING SNAKE, HE PICKED IT UP ...... REALLY ???????????????