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Thread: Kru Mosin Nagant ??????

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    Default Kru Mosin Nagant ??????

    Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoscet.

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    Looks like a Finn Nagant that someone cleaned and stripped the stock with a fake stamp. But its from the elitecollection so it has too be the best!

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    Not Finned, except for the cleaning rod.
    I actually think this one is good, but over-cleaned to the point that it is better left ignored. The bolt was probably blued, and I am seeing a couple of aspects that I won't mention that lead me to believe that it is legit. I wouldn't trust Elite Collection to give me the correct time of day, much less a non-humped rifle, but I think this one is actually good.
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    I was offered this rifle a while back from a guy on gunboards. It is that same as when he offered it to me, so elite didn't change anything with this one. It is original but I passed because of the obvious damage done to the stock.

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