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    Default Hillary Loves Us

    Hillary is love.

    That's right. Hillary loves us. You and me. No wonder she's bitter. Unrequited love can turn cold with hatred and thoughts of vengeance. Yet Hillary's sentiments on this issue are actually quite different. That's because rejection of physical love isn't the issue with her at all.

    You see, we never allowed Hillary Clinton to be our champion, to serve us in the way she knows best, by establishing programs and political tools that could move our country forward, bringing all our people together in an united front against falling prosperity, racial bigotry, sexism and that odious xenophobia that makes a small planet even smaller by closing the doors to cultural and human contact with the rest of the world. That's right, by creating an openly receptive and happy people working to achieve common goals on the road to a better life

    Hillary Clinton was our best hope for real change--positive change--before she was summarily issued her walking papers and told to go home.

    Bitter? Of course she's bitter. But mostly disappointed at not being permitted to do her part in making ours a better world has driven this hard-working woman into the deepest despair.

    Will she recover before 2020 when her most loyal disciples hope she undertakes yet another presidential campaign? We can hope and pray. But that's all we can do.

    Come back, Hillary, for our sakes and yours.

    Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoscet.

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    Better Hilary than Feinstein..........

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