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    Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoscet.

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    I dont understand where people feel these prices are reasonable. A local gunshop that unfortunately has a decent pile of surplus rifles at any given time drives the prices up like this. Went in there and they had three 98k's two mismatched (cant remember numbers and or maker codes). One was a Russian capture, and the other was totally mismatched with repro sling, asking $1,600 on the RC and $1,700. The last one on the shelf I didnt even look at.... They asked if I wanted to look at the Yugoslavian one they had and I told them no, and made mention that I already had German ones and that I was looking for reasonably priced rifles. Sadly some idiot that "must have" a German rifle will pay their outrageous prices.

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    Common code in maybe ok original conditon... $2500 start? He'll be holding onto that for quite some time.

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