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Thread: They Are Our Enemies

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    Default They Are Our Enemies

    Bend Over !!!!!!!!

    Mother Jones reports that Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA) met with gun control groups that included the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Everytown for Gun Safety, the Center for American Progress, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, and Gabby Giffords’ group. He asked them what they wanted, and a bill to criminalize private gun sales was on their wish list.

    So Thompson will sponsor legislation requiring a background check before someone may buy a gun from his neighbor, a co-worker to get a background check before buying a gun from a co-worker, and so forth. The bill will go so far as to require a son to get a background check before a father can give him a gun as a gift.

    Private gun sales are legal and have been an American tradition since 1791, the year the Second Amendment was ratified.

    Ironically, a ban on private sales would not have stopped a single mass shooting witnessed to this point in the 21st century because nearly every mass shooter acquires his guns at retail via a background check. The exceptions to the rule are the mass shooters who steal their guns.

    While the Democrats’ gun control push will not prevent mass shootings, it will criminalize a grandfather for passing his goose gun to his grandson without government permission. It will also criminalize a mother who gives her college-age daughter a revolver for self-defense without first getting government permission.
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    One positive to republicans is they do not want their names on any gun legislation - good, bad, or in between. Even if it passes the house it will likely die in the senate like so many other bills. Trump signing it may be a toss-up.

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    Re California, This last week, I was at the same 3 tables I've used for 30 years. All I deal is German snipers. Our shows used to be crowded, really, too crowded to get around sometimes. Any way, I'd guess our show had a volume 10% of the older shows. Ammo is still available, but next year it's a 10 day wait, and the guy holding it for you is paid (by you), as well. Fellas were talking about there being more complaints by Democrats, who want both the first and second amendments to the constitution removed.
    Nonsense.............. But there it is. It reminds me of the 20's when women made alcohol illegal. I wouldn't be surprised if Diane Feinstein was at that one, to. One more idiot............
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    Default Someone Say "Free Speech"?

    We love free speech as long as we approve it....
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    Dangerous times.

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