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Thread: Steyr Mp 34 with Eagle/L stamped on Buttstock

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    Default Steyr Mp 34 with Eagle/L stamped on Buttstock

    New member here and I will attempt to attach a photo, if possible.
    I am looking for information on a Mp 34 which is in process of an NFA transfer. Stamped on the right side of the Butt is an Eagle holding a swastika with a capital L attached to it. I have read "Eagle over L" showed it was police issue. Information researched from the Web indicates the "L" stood for Luftwaffe. A friend in Germany who is in the WW2 relic business, said it was probably Wermacht issue (I didn't have all the information at that time).
    The weapon has the standard 660 (Steyr made) and 1939 stamped, with three Waffenamt stamps on the receiver, no bayonet lug and was chambered in 9mm Mauser (marked under rear sight as well).
    Does anyone have an idea about this Eagle over L stamp? Any help would be greatly appreciated.#823 4.jpg
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