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    Would anyone know the value of one of the Texas German paratrooper rifles? Mine was a pretty early build with original parts, etc, scope included, fired about 20 rounds. Alas, it has a pistol grip, which is now illegal in California. No one knows why, and Dianne isn't telling. What I get for living in California. Sepp44

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    I wrapped a Kydex shark fin around my FG42 grip stick = CA legal (featureless).
    Next, I will modify the mag release to only let go off the mag after the recoil buffer has been removed and the bolt retracted (fixed magazine). You can easily load the FG42 through the ejection port. No need to sell your FG just because some socialist wankers in Sacramento are crafting useless laws with the same frequency their mothers pooped out anchor babies.

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    I called the California Govt. to see if older stuff (1944) is really a danger in California. They didn't have a clue.

    I'd heard of problems in New York and Chicago, but the only thing in California I knew of was a year or so past when a guy and his wife, (who came from Irak or some other shit hole) The guy was an American, No one knows why they shot up their area. Happily, they are dead. I talked to a guy about adding stuff to get rid of the pistol grip, and he didn't think it would work. Is there anyone in California, or anywhere else who can deal with this nonsense? I'd love to find one. Thanks for the information. I'll be at the Vallejo show in 3 weeks, with the same 3 tables, same as the last 30 years, Sepp
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    To Gun Crout...I ordered one of your ideas via Amazon, and hope it works, Sepp

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