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    Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoscet.

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    Maybe the seller is honestly clueless. This is not a ZF41 sniper by any stretch of imagination, mount rail is fake, stock cutout looks fishy, really nothing to marvel about. If this was offered as a genuine sniper at an RIA auction it would be borderline fraud. But recently it has become stylish to spruce fakes and humped crap up by mentioning "Sturgess Kollektion", "RIA Auction" or some other flashy buzz words, as if any of these would be a guarantee for authenticity. Quite the opposite, often.

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    RIA auction:

    The stock is also excellent with a few minor dents and dings.
    Scumbags. Very vague description of bogus scope rail, no mention of sanded stock and colors -as usually- altered to make the stock look like it's almost raw untouched wood. They could have at least posted pictures of the bogus scope set up and the butchered stock.

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    What I found interesting is that the gun came with a scope and a price tag of $1200 more.. but now it has no scope.

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