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    House Democrats plan to move legislation criminalizing private gun sales out of committee and get it to the floor for a vote this week.On January 8, House Democrats introduced the legislation, dubbed H.R. 8, in honor of the eighth anniversary of the January 8, 2011, attack on Gabby Giffords.

    Giffords stood with the Democrats as they introduced their gun control:

    H.R. 8 would outlaw the private gun sales Americans have enjoyed since December 15, 1791, the date on which the Second Amendment was ratified. This would criminalize a neighbor who sold a gun to lifelong neighbor without first getting government permission via a background check. It would also criminalize a friend for selling a gun to lifelong friend without government permission.

    Ironically, the bill would have done nothing to stop the attack on Gabby Giffords because her attacker did not buy his gun privately. Rather, he passed a background check to acquire the gun retail.

    Moreover, H.R. 8 would have done nothing to stop nearly every mass shooter to date in the 21st century. This is because nearly every mass shooter acquired his guns via background checks, rather than private gun sales. The exceptions are those who stole their guns.

    Yet Democrats are rushing this legislation to the House floor for a vote. Reuters reports that the House Judiciary Panel “will mark up the bill…on February 13 and send it to the House floor for a vote.”

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    Still has to pass in the Senate, then be signed by President Trump. Just grand standing for their idiot base.

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    I would bet big money Diane Feinstein is part of the crew, along with several of her girl friends. She grew up in San Francisco at a time when the place boomeranged into a Gay Society, among others.

    She was present when the head of San Francisco county was shot, along with the first gay member of the clan (far as I know) by a former member of the crew who had been forced to get out of the job due to financial problems. He was trying to get back in, but was told no, and lost it, shooting the head guy as well as the gay guy. He did his time and when he got out I was told he killed himself.
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