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    well;,, i picked this book up. and,.. i just finished completely reading it for the second time in two weeks. my wife was going psycho because i was sitting down stairs for several hours each evening. peace and quiet,.. reading. this book is well written & very interesting. the second time thru, i used my i-pad & was searching all of the names & locations as i went along. many minor facts that help understand his military career. his finally location in traves, france is still like when he was there. i recommend this for it keeps you well occupied & answers lots of question on operations of germany military and his personal life,...

    .. edit;.." i even spent one nite reading just the pages of footnotes in the back! "

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    If you are interested in military books, I suggest you consider COMPANY AYTCH by Sam Watkins, a Southerner who was there from start to finish. The book is a stunning, and I think every kid in school should read it. Sepp44

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