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    Being a lifelong Californian, at 74, it is time to sell my WW2 stuff, which mainly consists of German, American, and Russian. Doing American and Russian was easy, but the Germans had many variations, and I think I have them all. I'm taking mostly German snipers, but don't have a clue as to what I should price for one. I have 17. Any notions on what they are worth?

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    Real, un-messed with ones? Lots of $$$$$$$$$$$.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willi View Post
    Real, un-messed with ones? Lots of $$$$$$$$$$$.
    Willi: I was born 2 days before America sent soldiers against Germany. I knew lots of soldiers who were in both wars, Japan and Germany. Meeting those guys stunned me. I got a trifle obsessive, and by the time I got out of college, I was obsessed with WW2. I have stuff from that period, but never from Japan. Every man I met in that war detested Japs, including an uncle of mine. So I started to read about, then purchase stuff of that era. I am now 75, and want them to go to similar guys. I have given friends such things, but I have no idea what they are worth. With Robert (a German) Speilauer's help and other guys, I wound up with more than 20 German snipers. Believe me, I have read every book I could find (hundreds) on WW2, and plan to give them to the Salvation Army. The weapons are another matter. I have never sold such stuff, and have no idea what they are worth. Thus my note to WW2. I am in California, which used to (truly) have huge shows. Democrats have put an end to that. So what is a WW2 sniper worth???

    Adding to the above, I looked into my ammo. I have 180 American WW2 ammo, 765 Argentine box is full. All my boxes are military. 9mm Luger is full, 30-06 is full, a box of Turkey ammo. 7.62, and 30 Mauser..full, 223 Boxed, full, -----.22 Rim Fire Full, 44 Spec, 38-40 8 MM, full, 308, full, 7.62 '380 Buck, full, 7.62 Nato, 200, have 7.92 LPS 1/2 full., 30 Carbine, 5 boxes, Various, 5 boxes. I have several boxes not opened, military, of course. I know this is an odd pile. but good for the close guys. (Northern California) I checked on values of some others,,,,My ZH 29, which is scarce and still perfect, with all its parts, is good for 14-22 thousand. I am convinced mine is the best in existence, a long story. My Argentine Sniper is good for 2-3 thousand, and my 18 German snipers, of all variations go from 20-30-thousand
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