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Thread: #1 on the bucket list finally bought: K43 AC44

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    Default #1 on the bucket list finally bought: K43 AC44

    Finally got my #1 off of the list. Picked up a Walther K43 AC44 (Jan '45) all matching panel cut "q" block off of GB last week. Was on a role after I picked up a BYF 42 K98 the week prior. Kept seeing prices going up and no sight of new surplus coming in so time to buy. Now my dilemma is that the k43 is all original w/ an un-sanded stock. I spent an extra 1k for an original rifle and now looking at it I don't know if I want to shoot it a whole lot since it is in the collector grade and K43s are known to be self destructive over time. I may end up spending another 2k+ for a Frankenstein shooter... Front sight is also a bit canted and I'm not sure if I want to try to correct it or just leave it as is. Suggestions?

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    They break parts often, and once broken it's never going to be recoverable from a collector stand point......
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    I remember getting kits that could resolve the cracked rifle problem. Cost about 40 bucks.

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