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    First the old news for those type II buyers that have already received the "are you interested" emails. Yes we are finally back on track and working every day on producing the TI FG42 after about a 2 year hiatus.

    And everyone that bought a type II will have first shot at the type I. This is not the official "do you want one" email but if you want to say yes and get on the list with the 100 deposit now I will put you in the order you would be anyway.

    As everyone was probably aware a big sticking point for us has always been the stamped parts and the TI has two big ones, the pistol grip and the buttstock. After we tried to sell you on the idea of a rifle with a wooden buttstock it became apparent that wasn't going to fly, at least not very far...

    My oldest son has always had the attitude of "I got this" and mine was always "Yeah but". Well, the kid came through and I now feel I have something to show you on these two troublesome parts. Take a look at the pictures and see what you think.

    The cerekote is not shiny on these samples but the man that does them said he knows what we need and can get the look. And yes it is the early small finger opening version but yes we will offer the larger/later sheet metal loop version. It will be one of the few choices on this rifle.

    And honestly thats the purpose of this fishing expedition as we are at the popint of committing pistol grips one way or the other and need a feel of the ratio to make since there is no going back once the front is looped off.

    So.... As you can see we have committed to making the rifle closer to "right" than the last time we sent you an email. Little things like the trigger group being closer to original in design is a little thing but part of what will be a closer to original rifle on the T-I. And yes it is a "nicer" trigger as well.

    If anyone that sent in a deposit is unhappy with what they see I will refund it for two reasons. When you got on board in the beginning you were taking some things on faith but now you can see where we are going with it and it may not be what you had in mind.

    Please let me know what you think about what you see and whether you will want the small early style trigger guard or the latter larger one. I am asking you for your choice on this now.

    And please don't be worried about the pictured rifle. That rifle sold at some auction and is way more scratched up than the ones we are making will be!

    The .308 rifle....... Too many late nights weekends it seems since I cut all the receivers into 8mm versions at a critical point and there is no going back now. So all of this first run of rifles will be 8mm.
    I am prototyping a .308 version on one of he original 2 rifles we made but it will be end of the year probably before we have any to sell. So to all the people wanting this rifle in .308 sorry, I goofed.
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