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Thread: MG13 magazine alterations for G43 and other related questions

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    Default MG13 magazine alterations for G43 and other related questions

    DasReich once stated - "There is a Company in Germany that makes 20 rounds K43 mags." back in 2016 - any update on that?

    Due to the March 29th - April 5th - Million mag march to California - I was able to purchase some magazines. Included were the 7 MG 13 mags and box being sold by Liberty Tree.

    Apparently bubba already decided to alter them to something. All the front tabs were ground off but I see no other changes to them.

    Does anyone have schematics of the tab that is necessary to alter them to G43's?

    From what I read, I cannot send them out of California to be worked on, I have to have it done in California.

    *I did notice there is a spare magazine bottom in the box, so I guess the missing mag in the box was parted out.

    *Note - original post of these questions was in the automatic section, thus the need to dupe it here in the G43 section.
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